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Ethos restaurant resides just off Oxford Street in London and was introduced to me by the person who shows me all veggie/vegan joints, Katrina. We’re obsessed with finding new ones and over indulging in a cool three courses once we arrive. Ethos has jumped to the top of my list however, over taking Farmacy and Nama to grab the spot. The buffet style eating arrangement is akin to Ottonlenghi’s Deli takeaway idea and for me it is the dream. It means you can have a little of everything, weigh your plate, and eat. Go back for more, repeat, eat. 

My main included green bean salad, pickled cabbage, nut roast, butternut squash salad, butternut squash risotto, guacamole and more. Admittedly food items you would never normally lump together but they worked and I hadn’t eaten since breakfast so no judgement. For pudding I then had banana, honey and pecan loaf. All utterly delicious and not one bit was dry which can be the case with veggie or vegan food sometimes. 

Regrettably I then got home and had a slice of chocolate cake as I felt I’d been so good. Balance? I’m sure it’s not balance if you’re eating it semi daily. Will return to healthy eating once the warm weather makes a comeback. 

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