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Is It Even Worse in Europe?

I’ve been interested in the Guerrilla Girls since last year when I was looking at their work for inspiration for my own art practice. Their exhibition at the Whitechapel Gallery was essential viewing for me as I have centred a large proportion of my third year dissertation around their plight. I was surprised by the fact there is only one room devoted to the posters and responses but there is further work by the Girls over at the Tate Modern, alongside the work of Andy Warhol. The Whitechapel exhibition ‘Is It Even Worse in Europe?’ aims to shed light on the representation of women and minorities within museums and kunsthalles. I’d definitely recommend having a look in as it’s free and fascinating to see which art institutions didn’t even dane to respond to the questionnaire sent out all over Europe.

The questionnaire;


The ultimate rejection of participation from NoPlace, Oslo, Norway;


It’s clear from reading some of the responses from both institutions that replied, and those that did not, that the Guerrilla Girls are still necessary in order to change the face of the art world. It is obvious that women are under represented in these art spaces and it is arguable that over time attitudes progress and the statistics will shift in our favour, or at least equal out. However time is not an effective solution so instead of waiting it out it’s advisable we keep pushing for better representation of talented female artists that have been sidelined for far too long.

Press release;



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